Forensic Analysis and Expert Witness Testimony for Questioned Document and Handwriting Identification Cases

Donna works with Respondents or Plaintiffs on civil cases to ensure they have objective, accurate and thorough forensic document examinations resulting in indisputable expert testimony. Donna partners with the legal team to ensure the best case is presented for their client.


  • Authorship identification or elimination of handwriting, hand-printing and signatures
  • Detection of forged documents
  • Detection of “cut and “paste” signatures in photocopies
  • Identification of printing processes
  • Detection and decipherment of alterations, additions, deletions, and indented impressions
  • Non-destructive ink and paper differentiation
  • Determination of contemporaneous preparation of multiple documents
  • Decipherment of obliterated writing
  • Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) analysis
  • Microscopy


  • Analysis (see list above)
  • In-person Consultations
  • Telephone Consultations
  • Trial, Hearing, Deposition and Pre-trial Preparation
  • Report Writing
  • Preparation of demonstrative evidence
  • Communications
  • Scanning
  • Peer Reviews



  • As a sole practitioner, all examination duties and tasks are performed by Donna O. Eisenberg personally.
  • All work performed is billed hourly.
  • A retainer and signed contract is required to start the engagement.